Smallest Museum in Saint Paul | December
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About This Project

Security Building History

Joshua Murray

I am drawn to stories of transformation and the moment in which a person surrenders their previous self and embraces a new form. There is value in examining change. One can find wisdom by observing the aesthetic of failure and how to extrapolate success; the silver lining. It forces me to consider my creative past and makes me a stronger person and better artist knowing that I am not the only one seeking out the light of truth in the darkest corners of life.


In my work I use the blistering sarcasm of postmodern wit, the multilayered extrapolations of symbolism, the silly puns of avant-garde one-liners, and the dark side of the psyche that encompasses uncertainty and the fear of the unknown. These elements are the impetus of creation. I never fully plan out my work from beginning to end. I leave room for the aleatoric happy accidents I believe this is the apex at which the artwork truly becomes interesting and changes into something meaningful and beautiful. These elements are the most powerful tools I use to communicate concepts like change, fluctuation, and the transformation of the human spirit. It is a way to present intangible ideas in a cohesive way for an observer to contemplate and make their own.