Smallest Museum in Saint Paul | July
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About This Project

Witch’s Hat Tower Tribute

Sophie Durban

I am a multi-disciplinary artist raised in Illinois and Michigan, educated in Wisconsin, and now based in Minnesota. Equally stimulated by art-making and curation, I am delighted to combine the two in the Smallest Museum’s July installation. The Midwest’s rich potential as a site for both the macabre and the whimsical serves as my inspiration to honor the Prospect Park Witch’s Hat Water Tower. I depict it here as a historic landmark doubling as a meeting space for a coven of friendly witches. The Twin Cities residents responsible for preserving the Tower over the past half-century may indeed have these benevolent witches to thank in my version of its story! Visitors are invited to sign the Book of Shadows with their own spells and incantations or simply their impressions of the Tower.